B.P., Krishnan and M.K., Surappa and P K , Rohtagi (1981) The UPAL process: a direct method of preparing cast aluminium alloy-graphite particle composites. Journal of Materials Science, 16. pp. 1209-1216. ISSN 0022-2461

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A direct method of preparing cast aluminium alloy-graphite particle composites using uncoated graphite particles is reported. The method consists of introducing and dispersing uncoated but suitably pretreated graphite particles in aluminium alloy melts, and casting the resulting composite melts in suitable permanent moulds. The optical pretreatment required for the dispersion of the uncoated graphite particles in aluminium alloy melts consists of heating the graphite particles to 400° C in air for 1 h just prior to their dispersion in the melts. The effects of alloying elements such as Si, Cu and Mg on the dispersability of pretreated graphite in molten aluminium have also been reported. It was found that additions of about 0.5% Mg or 5% Si significantly improve the dispersability of graphite particles in aluminium alloy melts as indicated by the high recoveries of graphite in the castings of these composites. It was also possible to disperse upto 3% graphite in LM 13 alloy melts and retain the graphite particles in a well distributed fashion in the castings using the pre-heat-treated graphite particles. The observations in this study have been related to the information presently available on wetting between graphite and molten aluminium in the presence of different elements and our own thermogravimetric analysis studies on graphite particles. Physical and mechanical properties of LM 13-3% graphite composite made using pre-heat-treated graphite powder, were found to be adequate for many applications, including pistons which have been successfully used in internal combustion engines.

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