Navin, Chandra and S S, Amritphale and Murari, Prasad and S. , Saxena and T.C., Rao (2000) TECHNICAL NOTE ATTENUATION OF HEAVY METAL IONS BY LEAN GRADE PHOSPHORITE. Minerals Engineering, 13. pp. 1301-1305. ISSN 1754-890X

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The sorption of heavy metal ions (Pb 2÷, Cu z+ and Zn 2+) present as a single and as well as multiple species onto a low grade (<15%P205) carbonatic (CA) and siliceous (SL) phosphorite minerals from Madhya Pradesh (India) was investigated under natural conditions. Sorption of heavy metal ions was found to follow the order: Pb 2+ >Cu2+'> Zn z+ in the cases of single and multiple species. CA was found effective in removing Pb 2+ with a Pb removal of 82 - 99.9 % and a maximum L.R.C. (lead removal capacity) of 0.082 g of Pb /g of carbonatic phosphorite.

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Subjects: CSIR-800 > Environmental Studies/Chemistry
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