Dr., Navin Chandra and Allen j, Bard and Jonathan K. , Leland (1987) Semiconductor Electrodes LXI. Photoelectrochemistry of Formula in Aqueous Solutions. Journal of the Electrochemistry Society., 134. pp. 76-80. ISSN 0013-4651

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The photoelectrochemical response of electrodes of single crystals of the layer‐type compound Formula prepared by vapor transport in Fe3+/Fe2+, ferrocyanide/ferricyanide, and iodide solutions was investigated. The flatband potential Formula of the electrode in Formula and Formula solutions, estimated from impedance measurements, was −0.40V vs. SCE atpH 1.5 and shifted towards more negative values by 54 mV/unit pH change to pH 12. A two‐electrode photoelectrochemical cell with a Formula anode and Pt gauze cathode in a Formula , Formula , and Formula electrolyte gave a short‐circuit photocurrent of 15 mA/cm2 and an open‐circuit photovoltage of 0.4V under xenon lamp illumination (ca. 100 mW/cm2).

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